Version published: September 2019

By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions (T&C) you confirm that you as a potential Client (also ‘client’) have read them, fully understand and and accept them. Please read the following items carefully.

Scope of Service

CLIFFS POINT SOLUTIONS W.L.L. (also ‘CLIFFS POINT SOLUTIONS W.L.L.’, ‘We’, ‘we’, ‘us’ and’ the Company’ ) provide the following services:

1) We develop the products from an idea to the ready-for-use products. Our Android and iOS specialists build different types of mobile app and create Web solutions.

2) We legalize the products that has been created by us and/or the products created by third parties. When it comes to legal services we specialize in Intellectual Property Law. We will do our best to guarantee that your idea and the materialized out of it ready product(s) are lawfully yours. Our Merge and Acquisition expert lawyers team will help to sell a startup or to buy one.

3) The Company implements localization of the developed products and their pre and post-release marketing. Our team of certified interpreters will localize an app or web-product to make it fit the European market, China, Japan, Mexico, etc. On our clients’ request, CLIFFS POINT SOLUTIONS W.L.L. can provide post-launch support (for application and web-products) and a wide range of marketing services. We can develop a detailed marketing plan and then implement it step-by-step.

By accepting these T&C, our client understands and agrees that CLIFFS POINT SOLUTIONS W.L.L. will not carry responsibility for any services (scope of work) besides the ones listed in the contract we have signed. The clients also agree, that we are not responsible or liable for the products developed by third parties, and we cannot guarantee they will work as supposed, even if we provide legal services for such product. Should a client request any additional services that are outside the scope of works listed in the signed contract, such client shall sign an additional contract and pay CLIFFS POINT SOLUTIONS W.L.L. for such services.

Client’s Ownership and CLIFFS POINT SOLUTIONS W.L.L. Ownership

After the payment is provided to CLIFFS POINT SOLUTIONS W.L.L., we will grant all rights to the products developed by our Company to the client. As for the services we may provide, like legalization and localization of products, etc. – we hold the intellectual right to our knowledge and share it with the clients after the payment.

Client’s Content

When applying CLIFFS POINT SOLUTIONS W.L.L. for developing a product, a client warrants to the Company that

a) The client owns all the content (including but not limited to intellectual rights) he/she provides to us.

b) The content provided by a client is not harassing, threatening or in any way unlawful content.

c) The content is in accordance with all legal rights, including trademarks and copyrights.

d) The client’s content does not face any claims.

Access to Site and Information

When creating a Web solution, our specialists may require access to all relevant client’s website(s). The client hereby agrees to provide the right of entry and access to the website(s). He/she also guarantees that all rights for the website(s) belong to the client. CLIFFS POINT SOLUTIONS W.L.L. will not be responsible for any data loss or other possible damage caused during the time we have access to the website(s).

3-payments terms

Prior to beginning any works, our Company and the Client need to sign a Contract. The contract will include the list of works we will provide, key responsibilities of the parties, timing and other important articles. The Contract will also include the amount of payment  cliffs point solution W.L.L

will receive for the provided works (services). Once the contract is signed, we will create an invoice that we will provide to the client to pay. After the payment is provided in full cliffs point solution W.L.L will proceed with the work. Should a client fail to provide a timely payment, we reserve the right to suspend our performance and to apply interest charges of up to 15% on the invoices that are past-due.

Additional information

Company address: Sanabis Block 410 Road 1010 building 410 flat no 1809 ,Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain
+971 0501350408
For press queries, legal requests or complaints, please email us to office@cliffs-pointcom

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